Limited Edition Print - ONLY 365 available!

Limited Edition Print - ONLY 365 available!


Black Dog? Ride! is an original artwork by Kevin Waite. 

These are not mass produced posters - they are A2 high quality, individually signed and numbered, limited edition prints. There are only 365 available, signifying that every day of every year, someone loses their life to suicide.
Kevin tells us his motivation for this work: 
"Depression has long been part of my life, and as an artist and rider I wanted to try and convey my feelings in this painting.

The rider, who feels isolated and alone, is not specifically identified because depression can affect anyone. The bike is also not specific because its about the ride not the bike. 

The foreboding dark clouds show an approaching storm (signifying another onset of depression) which seems to target the rider with a central and focused highlight.

Black dogs are pursuing the rider from behind and on both sides, and a black dog is blocking his path forwards. Each of the black dogs has its menacing gaze fixed on the viewer as if taunting them (those trying to help the rider) with their claim to their prey.

The rider must find a way out. Riding allows the rider, albeit it temporarily, to outrun the dark clouds and the black dogs. Riding helps the rider to meet others who may also suffer from depression and to whom the rider can relate in their common pursuit of relief. The community of riders welcomes the rider without judgement. The community of riders gets together to specifically raise awareness and funds for what ails the rider, and this gives the rider comfort."
If you would like a specific print number, please make your request in the dialogue box at checkout. Please let us know your 1st, 2nd and 3rd preferences and we will allocated on a "first come, first serve basis" your first available choice. If none of your choices are available we will be in touch with you. Orders without a request will have numbers allocated sequentially.
For every print sold, Kevin will donate $10 directly to the Black Dog Ride.