Black Dog Ride Mascot Winston
Black Dog Ride Mascot Winston with the all new BDR stubby holder (not included, nor is the beer)!
Black Dog Ride Mascot Winston visits with a Quokka on Rottnest Island
Black Dog Ride Mascot Winston on the 2013 Ride to the Red Centre
Black Dog Ride mascot Winston travels to the Top End with Black Dog Riders
Black Dog Ride Mascot Winston is prepared for riding, in any weather!
Black Dog Ride Mascot Winston
Black Dog Ride Mascot Winston

Black Dog Ride Mascot Winston


Winston is known Australia wide as the mascot for Black Dog Ride!

Winston is named after Sir Winston Churchill who famously diarised about the depression he suffered, calling it 'the black dog of depression' 

This particular 'breed' of Winston is the Mk VI Black Dog Ride Winston. He has a rubber white collar and raised black lettering of "Black Dog Ride" around it and a white name tag with "Winston" inscribed in black.

Winston is approximately 30 cm tall from foot sucker to floppy ear, around 17cm wide at his bottom. Although he only weighs 300gms, due to his sturdy, chunky size (he prefers the term 'cuddly') he needs to be posted in a 3.00kg postage satchel.

The NEW Mini-Winston stands approx 18cm tall. 

Winston has shown himself to be made of tuff stuff, surviving sideways rain, flying leaps from moving motorbikes into wet gullies, and the pokes and prods of super excitable children.  He is friendly and a bit of a show off, expect plenty of comments and attempted dognappings in your mission to raise awareness of depression with the Black Dog Ride mascot!  You're advised to use occy straps or tie-downs on Winston when going for a ride with him.

*Winston does not come with pictured accessories. He is just showing you he practices Safety First with all weather rain gear and eyewear :)